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ยท 9 min read
Agastya Darma Laksana

Once upon a time, in the land of smartphones and gadgets, I was a loyal subject of the Kingdom of Android, reveling in its open plains and diverse landscapes. But as my wallet grew a bit thicker (thanks to some good fortune and maybe skipping a few fancy coffees), I crossed the border into the sleek dominion of Apple. Here, I discovered a world where everything 'just works' - often with a price tag that makes you think it should also cook dinner and do the laundry! Despite the premium cost, I was hooked on the harmony and simplicity Apple products offered, a stark contrast to my former Android allegiance.

The real game-changer, however, was my encounter with AirPlay 2. This feature epitomizes why I've become enamored with Apple's offerings. I have an array of speakers in my home, including multiple HomePods and the Samsung Q700A, all AirPlay-enabled. AirPlay 2's multi-speaker functionality has transformed my home into a symphony of sound. The ease with which I can fill every corner of my house with music is nothing short of enchanting. It's not just the technology itself; it's how it enhances the atmosphere of my home, making it more welcoming and lively.

But there's more magic in the mix, especially with the latest iOS 17 features. When friends visit, they can effortlessly add tracks to the speaker's queue, enriching our gatherings with their musical tastes. This seamless integration and shared control are what make AirPlay 2 so special to me. It's not just a feature; it's an experience, a testament to the thoughtfulness Apple puts into creating an ecosystem that's not only functional but also brings people together. This is why I've fallen deeply in love with the Apple ecosystem โ€“ it's not just technology; it's technology that connects, entertains, and simplifies life in the most delightful ways.