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· 7 min read
Agastya Darma Laksana

This is the story of why we chose React Native and how we overcame the technical challenges we encountered along the road.

ruangguru react native

BrainAcademy build with React Native running on our existing native app.

Early last year, a small group of developers at Ruangguru began studying the feasibility of implementing React Native. React Native allows you to create iOS and Android apps in JavaScript using the declarative programming language of React. This leads in more concise, easier-to-understand code, faster iteration without a build cycle, and easy code sharing between platforms. You can ship faster and focus on the things that count, making your app look and feel fantastic.

Since its initial release, React Native has come a long way. It is being used not only in Facebook and Instagram, but also in a wide range of other businesses, from Fortune 500 corporations to hot new startups.